Scrivener on iPad crashes after "Find and Replace All"


Here is a bug that will make Scrivener crash after performing a “Find and Replace All” query.

Note that your keyboard has to be in “floating” modus for this crash to happen.
Follow the steps below to reproduce the crash:

  1. Click on the magnifying glass (Search)

  2. On the bottom left of the screen, click on the search cogwheel and select “Find and Replace All”
    IMPORTANT: If your search settings were already set to “Find and Replace All”, Scrivener won’t crash; the crash only occurs if you had to change the setting to “Find and Replace All”

  3. Enter your search query in the search field, and in the second field, enter the word that should replace the search query word

  4. Click on “Replace All”

  5. Ckick on “Done” - now Scrivener crashes

When you reopen Scrivener after it has crashed, and attempt to perform a “Find and Replace All” query again, you’ll notice that the Search field has now moved on top of the Replace field, i.e. those two fields are not positioned next to each other anymore.
If you now perform the same “Find and Replace All” query as previously, Scrivener won’t crash anymore.

This crash only affects people using the floating keyboard (iOS and Gboard).
With the regular keyboard everything works fine as expected.

Scrivener version 1.2.1 (2096)
iPadOS 14 and 14.0.1
iPad Pro (4th Gen.)