Scrivener on iPad Dictionary & Thesaurus Question

I have Scrivener for my Mac and my MacBook Pro but have recently started using it on my iPad. There are a few key features on the iPad version that aremissing, most of which I can work around. However, the one feature I miss the most on the iPad version is the built in dictionary and thesaurus. Can anyone tell me if Scrivener will have this very key and important (at least to me) feature in the future? I really don’t like having to leave Scrivener to use Webster’s dictionary, and then have to come back. It truly does take me out of the ‘moment’.

Here’s how to use the dictionary in iOS Scrivener (which is an iOS service and not something unique to Scrivener):

  • Select a word.
  • In the black pop-up menu that contains things like “copy”, tap on the “look up” item. (Use the arrow buttons at the end(s) of the menu to scroll if you need to.)

You’ll get a pop over window which shows a definition in each dictionary you currently have selected. If you don’t know which they are, go to the iOS Settings app, and tap on “General”, then “Dictionary.” You can choose as many as you like. There are thesauri in the list. :smiley:

SILVERDRAGON: You are a LIFE SAVER!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

You’re welcome. :wink: