Scrivener on Mastodon?

A quick question: after my withdrawal from Meta and Twitter, I no longer have the comfort of following the news from the “Scrivener.App” account. Many users, like me, have left Zuckerberg’s and Musk’s “world” and have now made their home on Mastodon.
Do you plan to support the platform in the future? Would definitely make me and many others happy.

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I’ve never heard of a “ account” or any connection between Scrivener and the news. Could you elaborate on how that works? Do you mean that you no longer see the Scrivener page on Facebook?

The Scrivener Team has a news account on social media, Facebook and Twitter, which his posting “Tip of the day” and other news every other day. I was following the accounts, for instance “” at Twitter. Now, after I did close my accounts there and concentrate on Mastodon only, I do miss it. :pleading_face:

I wouldn’t have thought to call it “the news”, but now I get what you mean.

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Scrivener is on Twitter? I should follow it.

Not a direct answer, but we’re also on Instagram, @scrivenerapp.

And we have a podcast: Write Now with Scrivener - About

The blog here at also has a dedicated person now, and is updated regularly.


Yes, in fact we are on Mastodon.

See you there!


Yesss ! That is good news. Let me follow you right away.


That account hasn’t posted in a while. Any chance to bring it back?

If you’re looking for ways to automate things, Buffer ( also supports Mastodon.