Scrivener on Ras-Pi

I’m in the middle of a now two-hour installation of QEMU on my Pi right now, with the topic title as my goal. I realize that the source code isn’t released for compiling, so I’m aiming instead to run an i386 emulator instead. Assuming that my 8GB SD card isn’t filled up part way through the Make, I hope to be able to have some form of Debian (or similar) running the Beta on Ras-Pi by the weekend. Any tips would be appreciated during this endeavor.

I look forward to hearing how well it turns out. I love those little things!

Actually, the hardest part thus far seems to be getting a virtualization to actually boot on the system, much less run a program. Still, I’ll keep at it, in the name of SCIENCE.

If you do get it going, I’d love to hear about it. I’ve been lusting after a Raspberry Pi for awhile. :slight_smile: