Scrivener on the cloud?

Will we ever see Scrivener on the cloud? It would be wonderful if Scrivener backed up my writings to the cloud similar to how Evernote and Catchnote so. 1) It’s a backup and an off-site backup to boot, and 2) I would be able to write from multiple PC’s and mobile devices without having to carry around a thumb drive/USB cable.
I’d be willing to pay a little more for Scrivener Cloud or even consider paying a small subscription fee. Evernote and Catchnote offer free up to ~60-70mb a month or offer a premium acocunt that is $5 a month for up to 1gb.
On a separate topic, the ability to have revisions would be awesome as well.
Thanks in advance,

I know this isn’t an internal solution but It works great with Dropbox and other services if you’d like to take advantage of it immediately.

yah, Dropbox kinda makes that redundant. Just get a free Drobox account and make your default save for Scrivener into the Dropbox folder. Cloud bliss.

Agreed. The big thing about Dropbox is that it made it so every single developer no longer had to re-invent the wheel if they wanted to keep their data synchronised between computers. As is always the case when putting two pieces of technology together, it pays to know how they both work so that you don’t run into conflicts between them.