Scrivener on Thumb?

Hi all:

Anyone know if Scrivener can be loaded onto a thumb drive and run off of a Windows machine? (No Mac in the office but would LOVE to have the program when I am away from the Mac…)


Not even remotely possible without a lot of rather geeky fuss. Basically it would require running Mac OS X in an emulator (like PearPC) on your Windows computer, which as far as I know, is not technically legally allowed by OS X’s EULA; whether or not that bothers you is a personal decision. I’ve heard of other, non-emulated ways of installing OS X on non-Apple hardware, again equally “gray” legally speaking. You can certainly run it off of a thumb drive on another Mac, though I cannot see any reason why you would want to.

Most people who have to use Windows computers export the Binder (select all, and use Cmd-Shift-E) to plain RTF, and keep track of the files they changed. Then drop those back into Scrivener when they get home.