Scrivener on two computers?

Hello all, I recently discovered Scrivener and I believe it to be an amazing product. I am still at the stage of toying around with it, and going through the videos and other stuff I find on you-tube and Facebook, when the Firewall lets me do so, since I live in China (since 2010).

My question is, if I purchase a license, will it allow me to work on Scrivener both at home as well as at my office? I would never use the two computers at the same time, but I wonder if I would be getting something like a message saying “Nope! Sorry, but this registration key (or something along that line) has already been used!”?

Anyone? And thank in advance for any help!

Yes. … e-computer

They even have a process for unconnected computers (requires one time Internet access on some computer during which a code is generated for use on the unconnected computer).

Thank you, SpringfieldMH.

As long as your two computers are running Windows you shouldn’t have problems.

If your projects include Chinese, then cross-platform working causes gibberish, because of the way the two systems address the Chinese characters in UTF-8. I haven’t tried with Linux, but I suspect it will be more possible to share between Windows and Linux, than Mac and Linux.

Mr X

Up to six computers, but if you bought a Mac license, it applies to ONLY to Macs
If you have a Windows license, all must be Windows

I want to purchase a licence. Main computer:Windows.

Will i have problems importing notes written on my iPad and iPhone in my Windows version?

Thank you. :question:

At present, this all depends on how hard it is to get to your notes on your computer and into another program like scrivener or a regular word processor. Once you can do that, dragging notes into a scrivener project (or copying & pasting them) is the only method available. Once Scriv. for iOS is out, presumably the Windows version will be able to sync via some cloud drive solution like Dropbox, a company and tech that has programming libraries which let iOS programs connect to your account to read & write files.

Note that you shouldn’t count on this happening according to any time-table; buy or don’t buy Scrivener based on its current feature set, and you’ll be happy with your decision; base your purchase decision on up-coming features, and you may find yourself frustrated by how long it takes to gain those features (if it ever does).