Scrivener on USB

I bought a license for Scrivener but I need to use it on my usb flash driver,
is it possible now ?


Not quite yet. You can try but it is not a supported configuration. We would like to produce a portable version in time; but it will be a while before we can get to it.

I have the Scrivener program on both PC and Laptop, but the projects are saved to a USB flash drive - I set the auto-backup to folders on PC & laptop. I don’t know whether that would suit your purpose?

Seems to work OK, though may be the cause of an annoying typing lag…

Yes, the only thing that doesn’t work for is stuff like the public library or a corporate machine that doesn’t allow installs. And it will cause lag; it’s generally a better idea to take a few seconds and copy it down to the hard drive if you can. It’s better for the flash drive, as well, which wears out in time from use. It’s not a big deal either way; but that’s what I did back when I was using flash technology between computers. I had a program that would synchronise files and folders so everything changed would get copied one way or the other but the stuff that didn’t change would stay still. Worked well.

I re-copy on my flash-usb and now works but Scriveners creates a folder in the C:\ folder of every computer I use in the following address:

C:\Documents and Settings[i]user[/i]\Application Data\Scrivener

Yes, this is in part why we don’t yet officially support running Scrivener in a “portable” way, i.e. without installing it on a computer you own. There are other things that are touched on the system as well in the registry and such.

There was a thread way back during the beta era where (I believe) one of the devs said you could copy the installed directory onto a usb key, and this worked.

Each license allows one to use scrivener on 10 computers (I believe).

Thus, I’m hesitant to try a USB version from a registered copy as each of the computers one runs an USB scrivener on may register that computer as one of the 10 “licenses”.


There was! It did work too, although with the (slight) lag issues described above.

Not quite… The license is a “household license” - so they can’t be any 10 computers. However, the mechanics of computer registration for the software will only allow 10 ‘live’ registrations at one time before it kicks one of the older ones off. That will happen either automatically (if you haven’t registered those computers in a short space of time) or through contacting L&L for help (if you have).

It will (as I understand it). Are you really expecting to be using that many different machines on a regular basis, though? The automatic re-allocation of registrations described above may be your friend.

However, it is possible to install without admin rights. If you can install directly on the machine (assuming to do so would not contravene your employers IT policy, for example) I would. That said, you may find that running applications from a flash drive is equally prohibited by your contract of employment so check.

Thank you.
I’ll try installing on a couple of comps at work.