Scrivener Opens Files, but hangs when I try to edit

Have most recent version of Scrivener, and running iPad OS 17.0.3

No issues when syncing with Dropbox (and I can edit all files successfully on Mac and iPhone) but when I open any project on iPad, I see the correct folder structure, can look at material such as PDFs in research, but as soon as I try to edit any text files the app locks up and I have to force quit.

Any thoughts?

Well, wouldn’t you know it? The problem seems to have gone away - without me actually doing anything.

I can edit text files on iPad with no issues.

So that’s good news (it works!) and also bad news (I don’t know why it works!)

try doing a full power off on the iPad, then start it up again.

Not often, but sometimes after a days of use, iPads can get a little confused, as other computer systems tend to more often, thus don’t feel so much as an appliance you just use :slight_smile: