Scrivener or equivalent for Windows XP?


I’m a XP Pro WIN Word user. I came across and article in the NYT Mag featuring scrivener. Went on-line, and was very impressed with it. But alas, upon further reading, found that it does not support Win OS…only Mac.

Is there any WP software out there that approximates the many powerful features(outline, corkboard etc) of Scrivener for Windows?



Check out Keith’s links page. There’s a list of some Window’s based apps, which you might find useful. Also do a search for yWriter, which is developed by a programmer turned writer.

This question has been asked before so search the various threads for other’s answers. Without risking the wrath of Windows users, perhaps you should think about switching. Scrivener is a unique way of writing management and part of that uniqueness is based on the different experience offered by the Mac. I use both platforms (and Linux) so I can stand by that assertion.

Thanks very much for the response Chris…while the elegant UI of Scrivener (and the Mac) is indeed a very seductive/tempting alternative, unfortunately, like many WIN ‘users’ I’m too cost prohibitively invested in other WIN biz Apps…but I 'spose it’s never too late to consider rehab?

Cheers, Mick

Get a mac. Get an external drive (I made a 300GB firewire 400 for <$US100) Spend $80 on parallels. Run transporter on your windows box and create the file on the external drive. You know have you entire windows box on your mac.

I do this with several windows installs. I also use parallels to run Linux and Solaris. Works perfectly and no one even knows that my work issued laptop is not turned on.

If you want to move to mac it is pretty easy to do.

Hi kozmick,

I’m like you a Windows user, but will soon be switching over to Mac.
But some very nice programs that I think you should check out is yWriter that Chris Rosser mentioned ( Both are very nice. yWriter is free (!) and does a lot of stuff. LSB XE will set you back some dollars but is on the other hand extremely powerful. Outlines, timelines, storyboards, background- and fontcolor of your choice, dossiers for characters, things and/or events, even a playlist for making your favourite music while writing. It has everything and then some, except, (and this goes for yWriter as well) NO CORKBOARD. Aaaarghhh.
But if you can live without that…

Then on the other hand… like Jaysen says… if you, and me, were to switch to Mac and never be bothered with ugly viruses, [size=85]gutwrenching crashes (or rather gutwrenching problems when trying to salvage your files after a crash), [/size][size=50]expensive programs, noisy laptops (this one) and so on and so on… life would perhaps be simpler and we could all write that next blockbuster[/size]


Thanks to all for the support…vital while flirting with rehab(a mac)…in the meantime I’ve downloaded/installed yWriter and Liquid Story. While both appear to be extemely powerful, unfortunately, I don’t see much in the way of documentation/tutorials and support? Did I miss something? Forums etc? Art there any aftermarket books, print or ebook, that would accelerate the learning curve?

Tnx, Mick

Storybinder hands down…

In fact, it has a couple features that I wish Scriv had

Recent Mac convert…


Use the tools that best fit the need.


Liquid Story Binder will be on discount on on 11. March. It will cost $15.95 instead of $45.95 (but only on that day).


Also on KB’s links page is PageFour (, which as he says is probably the Win app closest to Scrivener (and despite all the functionality of Liquid Story Binder, the one I’d choose).

Thanks Franz…I’ve installed LSB…very powerful, perhaps too much so in terms of the learning curve to take full advantage of it…but the timeline is a gem which I have already put to good use…at the special price of 15.95 is makes it a good investment just for the timeline…

Hi Hugh,

Thanks for the link on Page Four…quite impressive, especially the apparently "seamless"compatibility with MS Word…appears to have a very intuitive and easy-to-learn user interface…I’ll give it a serious look…

Thanks all…and don’t forget to 'ave a good laugh today…and everyday…

Cheers, Mick

…note pad…


The author of yWriter is an Australian SF author who occasionally posts to the writers group I frequent (Vision Writers). He also co-edits Andromeda Spaceways in-flight magazine, so if you can’t contact him through his own site (it tends to go neglected in between Hal Spacejock releases, since he’s only a part-time nerd and manages it himself), then the ASIM forumites might be able to help.

Like you, I’m stuck for the time being in the PC world (though I’m strongly considering a MacBook). In the meantime, a nice little application that has the “cork board” metaphore is Super Note Card ( It is a Java application which is also available for Mac OS.

Thanks Vermonter…brilliant…complements and completes the creative writing ensemble nicely. Reasonably priced…extremely powerful at any price.

Now…‘time machine’ module?..anybody? :slight_smile:

Cheers, mick

Please post them to the Wish List forum where I can say no. :slight_smile:

I have no idea if it is any good, but CrashPlan comes with a free trial. It is an automated off-site back up system that works for Macs, Windows, and Linux computers. It sounds a bit like Time Capsule without the hundreds of extra dollars (or thousands in your case). You can choose to back up to local devices, even other computers you own across the internet, they even have their own service (for an extra fee) for remote back ups, but even they recommend not using that unless you have to. Backups are encrypted prior to transfer for security. Again, I have no idea if it works as well as Time Machine or anything, but if I didn’t have a Mac, I’d be interested in checking it out anyway.

Writers Blocks looks quite interesting. I like the idea of writing in small chunks which can be knitted together into chapters etc.

download the demo @

I heard that from this side of the pond.

you have a beautiful way of telling it like it is. Short, sweet, get the pain over quick. Have you ever considered giving lessons to corporate executives? Think of the good that would do in the world.

Heh heh. I was just being facetious, but I notice that nadinbrzezinski never did post to the Wish List, so I hope I didn’t scare him/her off. :blush: