Scrivener: Payment declined by bank

Hello Forum,

I want to buy scrivener, but everytime I enter my card details, it says Payment declined by bank. There is no other method of purchase, other than card.
I checked with the bank, I guess paddle is marked spam in all the Indian Banks, don’t know why.

So how can I buy.

Or is there anything wrong that I am doing, email, location, pincode etc.

It is unusual (never is a better word) for internet transactions to ask for your PIN. Are you absolutely sure you are purchasing from the legitimate Literature and Latte web site?

And you say you “guess” Paddle is marked as spam by the bank. Didn’t they give you a more specific answer?

It’s the authentic website, they payment is being declined, and money is not deducted fraudulently.

I have tried with atleast 4 different bank cards. Same msg every time.

Paddle does support PayPal as well, is that available to you as an option in your region?

OK. I’m guessing (since you didn’t say) that you aren’t giving them your PIN. Good. As for why your credit cards failing, dunno. Between Paddle and your bank, I guess. Maybe if you contact Literature & Latte support directly they can with you figure out a different payment method for you.

Thanks. Will write a mail to them.

PayPal option is not showing up. I guess India does not support it. Though I get my writing payments at paypal only.

And sorry, we call Zip/postal codes as Pincode in India, I was not refering to Card Pin

All right, well what I would do is get in touch with tech support directly, and we can get Paddle included in the conversation as well. They will have a better idea of what is happening, as we don’t really have any records of these attempts ourselves.