Scrivener post-processing with pandoc/scrivomatic


I have posted an issue description with the script of @nontroppo and pandoc in here, where I cannot transfer my workflow from Mac to Windows. The developer of scrivomatic has posted these questions:

I hope you may help out here either through guidance or through patching.

Please see in the linked thread my post on how pandoc does not work.

This thread is in the wrong forum, the most appropriate forum is Beta testing…

For Windows nerds, it seems that there is impressive interoperability for WSL: — this would aid the maintenance of cross-platform post-processing tools between macOS and Windows with minimal efforts. It seems really promising, with the caveat it requires Windows 10. So the idea is download linux from the Windows store, then run a script to install pandoc and other tools, and use wsl to ensure paths are aligned.

Other options are Scoop, Chocolatey, Cygwin, or manual native installers for each tool; no idea about the benefits for Windows users of each so any advice would be appreciated.

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OK, well I’ve managed to get Pandoc and pandocomatic working in both Powershell / cmd and WSL. I tried to get the post-processing working in the latest Scrivener beta, but whether I use relative or absolute paths I cannot seem to trigger the post-processing tool. I tried to create a record by redirecting output to a log, as I do on macOS, but although the file is generated, it is empty:

Arguments: -i "<$inputfile>" >> compile.log

This redirection works fine within PowerShell.

As an aside, quite a few other things are broken:

[] I keep deleting the Compile metadata, but it always comes back.
] My single spaced front-matter compiles AS-IS becomes double spaced.
[*] Spaces get converted to non-breaking spaces, breaking metadata parsing.