Scrivener Pricing for Regions

Hello there,
I’ve tried Scrivener and fell in love with it almost instantly. I’m just starting my Ph.D. and would love to incorporate Scrivener to my workflow. Sadly the education discount is really not that great. As a comparison, the current education license key costs approximately 10 percent of my monthly income as a research assistant in Turkey.
I’m sure that I am not alone in this respect and I know and accept the challenges in developing software and making a living out of it is hard and pricey. Yet, big platforms like Steam showed the world that regional pricing is both viable and more profitable in the long term.
My suggestion is at least for educational uses, determining the users’ region by their e-mail regions (edu.**) L&L can provide more reasonable pricing for us who live in the developing world.
In any case, while I wish this software to become more affordable for other regions. I appreciate the work put into it and wish you the best of luck!

My Windows licence cost me a QUARTER of my weekly income. I still bought it. shrug

I’ve been using Scrivener for 13 years, without educational discount and including two paid-for upgrades, and it has cost me a total of about £85. Not expensive in my book!



Am I missing something here? How much are these licences?

My wife originally purchased Scrivener 2 for something like £5.99 from the App Store. I’ve just bought Scrivener 3 which is £47 (although I got a 20% discount). How much are these licences outside of the UK if they’re equivalent to up to 25% of peoples income?

$77 in Australia.

So roughly the same as here then. Cheap as chips really when you consider what you get for your money.

Especially when you consider what other programs cost. I bought Microsoft Office ten years ago and paid twice as much as I did for my copy of Scrivener. And because I bought it recently, it won’t cost me a cent to upgrade to version 3.

On current exchange and the difference in VAT/GST, it’s as close to the same as you can get and very reasonably priced, especially when you look at Ulysses subscription and a few others out there.

I’m assuming Kalidasa is a casual, working limited hours. A 38 hour week on minimum wage in Aus would be somewhere between $700 and $1000 from memory (differs from state to state and union awards.) My wife works casual and earns $750-800 for 21-22 hours a week.

I think what looked strange to me was the expression of the cost as a percentage of weekly income which almost implies a continuous income. It’s almost bang on 10% of my weekly income but I only had to pay it once and I’ll be using it for many years.

Scrivener is priced the same all over the world, accounting for conversions to the local currency and taxes.

The OP’s concern is that incomes are not the same all over the world. The average income in their country is just over US$3000 per year. Kindly stop piling on.


Yes, mainly this was my main concern. I get that people all over the world can easily afford this software, and I agree that it is reasonably priced elsewhere.
Sadly in some third-world countries this is not the case.
I doubt that there is anything to done except to offer regional pricing. But that is the developers’ decision. And rightly so.

Sorry, I wasn’t aware that I was “piling on” (don’t even know what that means), was just understand what the issue was.

I was not ‘piling on’ merely pointing out that ¼ of weekly wage in Aus was not necessarily indicative of reality for the average Australian purchaser.

Yes, I am more than aware there are countries where what is a very reasonable price in 1st world countries translates to a significant purchase decision…’what do I go without for the next xx weeks to fund this purchase?’

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