Scrivener project on another machine

I copied a Scrivener project from one Windows machine to another. Now, the images are not found anymore (these were inserted with “Image linked to file”):

The images folder lies in the same folder like the Scrivener project. How can this be fixed?

Is the full path exactly the same? As in the C:\Users… path? Because if they’re not exactly the same on both machines, then they won’t match up.

Are you planning to have a large number of images related to this project? If not, you could just import them into the research folder and then use the Image Linked to File menu to point at the file that’s in the project itself. Then where the project is stored won’t matter.

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Rdale’s thought covered this. Just to add… I’d specifically look at the user name (sometimes people change their username slightly on a new machine OR worse maybe, CHANGE a username after first definition, and Windows often leaves the old path name in place making it not match the actual user name). Your drive letter is likely the same, but some put their root disk on drive D: (the screenshot you showed is clearly on drive C:).

Of course, any number of other things COULD have changed, but those are the most common pitfalls to links after a machine change (in my experience). (hmmm… some even put videos and pictures on a different drive… I have a drive E: with many gigabytes of pictures/videos, and my drive C: for all else, so if your old OR new machine has that situation, it may cause the issue too)

Hi Rdale, no, it’s a differant path. I thought, that there is some kind of mechanism for saving realtive paths.
Thanks anyway.

When I import them in the research folder, are these image be accessible outside Scrivener (this has to be the case)?

Kind of? When you import a file into Scrivener, it makes a copy for itself and adds that copy to the project.

You can open Scrivener’s copy by clicking on a button in the footer of the Scrivener editor while viewing the image to open it in the default “external editor” for that filetype, but that copy’s name will be something like “Content.jpg” or something similar.

There are strategies for dealing with “low rez placeholder images” for use in composing your text in Scrivener but using a better version from elsewhere, but I’m not familiar with that. Perhaps someone else can address your needs if you ask about that. I assume for whatever that technique is, you’d need to do your compile from one of the computers, since the absolute paths are different on each.

Alternately, you could, if you have access, create a new user account on one of your computers that matches the other computer, relocate all your files to that account, and then with matching paths, your issue is solved…