Scrivener project on network drive?


I currently have my Scrivener project stored on a local network drive (Synology NAS, 4+4TB if it matters). I prefer writing in my office where it’s quiet but given that it feels like I practically live in here lately and with all this lockdown shenanigans, I thought I might take to the laptop for a change of scenery. (All Windows 10, no Macs here).

Are there any problems I’m likely to run into with accessing my project from two separate PCs?

I’m assuming that my Scrivener settings are stored locally on each PC?
What about my custom dictionary words? Are they local too, or part of my Scrivener project? I can’t seem to find any info on this.

I will not be trying to access the project from both PCs at the same time. It’ll be one, or the other.

I have a licence for Scrivener 1.9 or whatever it is but I’m ankle deep in the RC versions now (currently using RC19).

Thanks for any info on anything I might need to watch out for.

Everything related to the project is stored inside the project folder.
Scrivener is designed to have immediate access to everything in the project folder all the time. If your NAS is sifficiently fast Scrivener might think it’s on the HD and then it should work. But nothing is stored on your PCs…

I seem to have the same or similar issue with Scrivener 3.x on Windows.
I just bought a laptop running Windows 11 pro. I installed and activated Scrivener on it.
I shared the Scrivener folder on my desktop PC (Windows 11 pro).
I mapped a network drive on the laptop to the Scrivener folder on the Windows desktop pc.
If I try to open my project file from the network drive, I get the error ‘cannot access…’

I did some searching, and found that one needs to use Dropbox to share project between computers. Why should this be? Isn’t it a common practice for users to work from different loactions in the house, on the same network?


It looks like I have found a solution. I simply copied my Scrivener project folder to OneDrive, then opened the project from there, but not directly; if I do open the project directly from OneDrive, it loads very slowly. So I go into my user folder and open OneDrive there to open the project folder. Much faster.
I assume what’s happening is that Microsoft OneDrive automatically synchs the local copy of OneDrive with the cloud copy in the background, so you can open the files on any computer that is logged into OneDrive from the local copy.
Same should be true for any other cloud drive.

Scrivener expects the entire contents of the project to be “immediately” available. Both network drives and cloud services can cause problems if there’s a delay between Scrivener’s request for a file and its actual availability. With cloud services, we recommend configuring the project to be “available offline,” or whatever term the service uses for local storage.

Dropbox is the only service supported for synchronization of iOS devices. Between Macs and PCs, though, most services will work. Best practices to reduce the risk of synchronization errors are discussed here:

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I think I’m just going to install a Linux server on a spare PC - to serve as a NAS.
If I travel with the laptop, I’ll copy the project folder to a USB SSD and plug it into the laptop.