Scrivener project window does not stay in position when stretching across 4 external monitors


Mac OS Catalina Version 10.15.6 (19G2021)
MBP 16" 2019 i9 2.4 Ghz, 5500M 8Gb
Scrivener Ver 3.1.5 (12258)

I am migrating from Windows and just bought a MacBook Pro 16". I have 4 external monitors attached to the MacBook. On the windows side I have been running my projects across 4 monitors with no problem. The project stretches across the monitors with the corner mouse widget, and everything stays put for the day. I wanted to do the same on the Mac side.

I just installed Scrivener on the Mac and imported my projects. When I moved a project window to the 4 monitors and stretched it across all 4 monitors, and then split the screen horizontally so that an editor appears in two of the four monitors; when I right click to select an item in the Binder, the project window snaps back to two monitors. Right clicking on anything pretty much causes the window to change position.

I tried creating a layout, but that did not help. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if it is user error.

Thanks for your help,

This is an artifact of MacOS, not a bug. To get your Mac to behave the way you would like it to behave:

  • Open the System Preferences app, either from the Apple Menu or from the Dock.
  • Click on the Mission Control tile in the top row.
  • In the Mission Control panel, uncheck the “Displays have separate spaces” item.
  • Restart your Mac.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks for your detailed reply.
“Displays have separate spaces” was already unchecked.
[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 7.18.13 PM.png[/attachment]
So this is looking more like a bug, than user error?

Again, thanks for taking the time to work on this.

All the best.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. I’ve used Scrivener successfully with 2 monitors but never with 4. (There’s only so much an aging Macbook Air can do…)

I just discovered that projects opened in the extra monitors work fine if I keep the window size of each project to less than one monitor. So while this is a bug, it is not a show stopper bug. I thought you’d like to know in prioritizing addressing this matter.

Additionally, I have created pics of a video of the Console output while the following occurs.

Open Scrivener tutorial project onto 4 external monitors.
Stretch project using corner cursor widget across 4 screens from top left to bottom right.
Left button select binder item.
Right button select that binder item to pull up options.
Project window snaps back to 2 screens.
Repeat the above steps again.
Project window agains snaps back to 2 screens.

However, your upload won’t let me submit the video or pics, saying they are too large. I broke the pics down to 13 MB zipped files, and it was still too large. Let me know if you want the files and how to get them submitted.

Thanks for your help with this.