Scrivener project won’t open

Hi there,
I can‘t open my scrivener projects. I use macOS high sierra Version 10.13.6 and they‘re saved on the desktop. Last time I opened them was a few days ago and there weren‘t any problems. The error notice says that it has been closed incorrectly, but that was not the case, I always closed it correctly.
Does anybody have the same problem and solved it or any idea what I could do?
Thank you!

I’m not familiar with a warning that would say it wasn’t closed properly and then flat out won’t let you open the project. I might be forgetting something though, could you perhaps post a screenshot of the error?

The only one that I’m thinking of that is like that has three options: to continue (which you should probably do in this case), create a copy and open the copy (better for cloud storage situations where you aren’t actually sure if you closed the project on the other machine), or to cancel out and not open it.

If you use one computer, and you’re sure you closed it correctly, it’s perfectly safe to open it with the Continue button. It’s largely a benign warning in that case. It should say all of the above in the dialogue box though, so again maybe you’re seeing something different.

You don’t have iCloud Desktop & Documents turned on, do you? If you do, then parts of your project could be “in the cloud” instead of on your hard drive, where Scrivener needs them to be. That might cause some sort of error where the project won’t open.