Scrivener purchased via Appstore...

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i purchased the Scrivener Software for macOS via the Appstore about a year ago…guess it was about 50 Euros. Yesterday i bought me an iPad (because i´m happyyyyy *sing) and thought now i can work on my literatual masterpieces when i am on the road… I recognized that if i want to download it from the appstore again…it want´s another 22 Euros??? And i sooo whaaaaat? And the Appstore so…Yes 22 Euros my friend… and i so whaaaaat? And yeah 22 Euros. I thought when i purchased it in the Appstore once…it´s available for all my accountbound devices. Is there anyway to use my already purchased version for my iOS as well? Or at least get a some % off? In the FAQ there´s no answer for this case.

THanks for help


I’m afraid not. The iOS and Mac versions are different development efforts, and there is no way for a purchase on the Mac App Store to provide a discount on an iOS purchase (that’s just how the App Store works). The only apps that allow you to use them on all platforms are paid for by subscription, so for us to make it so that you could use the iOS version if you owned the Mac App Store version, we would need to charge you a yearly subscription. We prefer not to move to the subscription model, so instead our versions are available separately. They are priced reasonably for what they can do, I think - even cheap compared to other products of such deep functionality - but I do appreciate that exchange rates and the way Apple charges differently in different countries may have an effect on your perception of this.

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Thanks for the quick response!

Unfortunately all the words you arranged to an all-answering Answer, ended in sad emotionial depression on my side :smiley: But it´s okay, at least i have the question clarified. So i guess i just pruchase it again, cause the software is definetly worth it.

While i am looking for answers, i read a lot that there are problems with the synchronization via iCloud, i hope this will not lead to regret. Or the Problems are maybe fix in the meantime.

Wish you all the best

There won’t be anything like a “fix” anytime soon as it isn’t a bug. The thing is that iCloud, as great as it can be, is not compatible with the way Scrivener Projects work. iCloud is great for handling single files. A Scrivener project however contains many files (up to hundreds if not thousands depending on your project) within your one project. iCloud just can’t work with such projects, though dropbox handles them with ease.

So this isn’t really a Scrivener Issue as the way the projects are build with those many files is the reason why huge Scrivener projects still work nice and easy on your Mac or iOS device without slowing anything down.

Once Apple makes iCloud more robust in regards of handling such packages, iCloud may become a supported solution.