Scrivener Quick Reference Panels

In the tutorial, clicking on the Quick Ref button is supposed to open a Quick Reference Panel with content from the binder in it. But when I click on the button, I get a blank panel. What might I be missing?

You may have a Chapter folder selected in the Binder that has underlying files with content but no text in the folder document itself. In that case it would open a blank QR Panel.
QR is a single document viewer.
If you highlight multiple documents it would open a separate panel for each.

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Yes, at the top of the Quick Reference window is a header bar, with the name of the item you actually opened printed, next to its icon. If you see a folder name there, you had the wrong thing selected.

By the way, you can also just click on the thing you want to load in the binder, and then hit the Spacebar. Way easier than going off and clicking on a button. :slight_smile: The button is useful for one thing though, you can drag something from the binder onto it to load that thing, without having to change what you’re looking at, load it, then switch back.