"Scrivener quit unexpectedly"


I recently updated my macbook to the newest 11.1 OS.

Later today, I tried opening my project on Scrivener. It didn’t work. I get a message that says “Scrivener quit unexpectedly” underneath a yellow explanation mark.

I’m not a super technical fellow and I’m hoping that someone can walk me through what I need to do to remedy this. I seem to be able to open new documents just fine. Yay?

I’ve read some information on the forums about this being a problem with “full screen” or something similar. How would I go about checking and fixing this?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Please download and unzip the development build linked below, then (when Scrivener is not open), replace your current Scrivener application with this one. Keith’s identified and coded a workaround for a Big Sur-related crash that’s likely what you’re experiencing, so simply updating to this version may be all that’s necessary. We’re expecting to release it through the usual channels shortly. If this version works for you, there’s nothing more you need to do; you can just keep using it as normal.

Scrivener 3.2.1 (14541) download link