Scrivener RC [latest] and Wine 6 on Mint 20.1

Not sure if this is the same problem as several others have noted or not, but here goes.

Every Scrivener 3 RC has worked under Wine 5.[latest] for me, given that I’ve installed the speechsdk module into the base bottle I clone to install each new Scrivener release.

But when I upgraded to Wine 6, Scrivener failed to work. So I timeshifted back to Wine 5 and I’ve been stubbornly refusing the prompts to upgrade Wine ever since.

Is there an easy workaround for this, something I can do to make Wine 6 + Scrivener 3 beta functional?


All is good under Wine 5.
Speechsdk is installed in each bottle
The only change is upgrading to Wine 6 on Mint 20.1.

Any help would be much appreciated!



Nope, no problems with rc 20. There is an issue with Qt programs crashing when accessing the internet (like Scrivener, the EVE online launcher, etc). Either roll back to pre 5.22 or patch and recompile WINE. I posted about it a couple days ago.