Scrivener Registration?


I’ve just rebuilt my desktop with Win 10 (a clean install not an upgrade) … can anyone tell me where my registration would be stored or where it would be sent to? I realise people won’t know what my registration email was (I assume scrivener@ but I can’t remember what happened when I registered.

My laptop still has a registered copy on it (also W10 but I did an inplace upgrade on that) … is there a way I can tell from that?



Hi Keke

On your invoice… … -computers

Or… … afterSales


Briar Kit

You can also look on your laptop’s registry to find the information:


Hi Guys,

Thx for the answers. I don’t know what mail I used and I’m now even beginning to doubt I registered at all. Do you ever get that? You know where you’re convinced you’ve done something and simply can’t find any evidence to support that you did?

I’ll have a bit more of a search around and if I can’t find it go [re]register, even with Scapple it’s only £40 or so … if I later find I already did I guess I can just donate the other license to my daughter who’s doing an English creative writing degree and writes far, far better than I can even aspire to :slight_smile:


Hi again,

So, I [re]registered (Scrivener and scapple) and applied that to my main PC which was fine.

I then applied the registrations to my laptop which I use separately from my desktop (never simultaneously) and got the attached error.

I will mail of course but I figured it might be worth a post here first.

My first thought was to wonder exactly how many licenses I am entitled to apply? According to the KB article Can I use my license on more than one computer? I have a “household” license which means I can reasonably install the package on any computer I own, an ocassional use laptop would fall well within that concept.

So any other ideas?


The registration is fine, it’s just having an issue connecting to the server. It could be that eSellerate is temporarily inaccessible, and retrying later will resolve it, but you can also try the steps here.

Hi Jennifer,

Unfortunately none of that worked. I never got the cancellable screen so couldn’t use it to go to the page in question however I did see that it was so I typed that in which got me to the eSellerate aAfter-Purchase Services page.

Entering my details there also failed (see attached). Help?


The installation ID isn’t your licence info; the string it’s looking for is provided during the offline activation steps. Did you make sure the internet connection was off before launching Scrivener? If there’s no network connection, it should end up giving you that “Could Not Connect” error where you’d have the option to cancel and choose offline activation. What error are you getting at that point instead?

Hi Sanguinius,

Thx for that … now at least I know how to get my reg code :slight_smile:


Ah! Because I wasn’t able to get that screen up it didn’t automatically populate the “Installation ID” field which led me to assume it was the same as the code I was sent by mail … that link is more complex than it looks.

I tried again just now and Scrivener failed because it tried to load a project I’d changed the name/location of, however (this time) that forced it to bring up the right screens and, a few clicks later and following the instructions you provided a link to, Scrivener activated.

So thanks you for your help … it is most definitely appreciated :slight_smile: