Scrivener rejects my NaNoWriMo credential

I’ve got a project setup at nanowrimo dot org, and I’ve made 100% sure that I’m using the same valid credentials in Scriver that I’m using on the NaNoWriMo site; nevertheless, every time I try to log in via Project > Update Nanowrimo Word Count I receive an error that my user name or password is incorrect. Help?! (1449522) 64-bit, Windows 10

I figured it out - my password included a dollar sign ($) and a percent sign (%), and one or both of those must have either confounded Scrivener or its encoding. I updated my nanowrimo password to not include either of those, and it works now.

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Thank you for reporting this. Several users have now confirmed that removing non-alphanumeric characters from their NaNoWriMo password allows the login to proceed successfully.

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Just saying that this isn’t always the case. I have a $ in my password and it works fine.

My guess would be that it’s my % sign that did it, given that the character is used in HTML encoding and if not escaped by whatever method passes the password to the nanowrimo API, it could cause utter confusion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Can confirm that deleting the % from my password fixed the issue for me.

Hello. I’m new to NaNoWriMo and downloaded the trial version of Scrivener. I absolutely love this software and will certainly be buying it once I’ve completed the challenge.

Unfortunately, for some reason, I can no longer connect to NaNoWriMo to update my wordcount via Scrivener. I kept getting an invalid user name or password error message. I have no problems logging onto NaNo via my browser, however. I’ve tried using both my email address and my NaNo user name but it makes no difference. I tried changing my password and again, no difference. No matter what I do, I can’t get Scrivener to connect with NaNoWriMo to update my wordcount. I’m at a loss. Until moments ago, I had no problem updating my wordcount using Scrivener. I’d appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thank you.

I’d check the notes further up in this thread I’ve merged your post with. It seems some characters aren’t working well in the password field.

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Thank you, AmberV. I apologize. I searched but didn’t see this post. I’ll give these suggestions a try. I am curious, however, as to why Scrivener suddenly stopped “liking” my password. I only changed it when the one I’ve been using since the beginning stopped working.

Removing a % fixed the problem but as I said, it’s really strange since up until today, the password I was using always had the % in it. :thinking:

No worries!

That is strange that it was working and only just recently stopped working. We are pretty sure the problem is with their website since it seems to be impacting both platforms equally. It could be they are trying to fix it, but who knows! Safest to leave it out for now.

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