Scrivener Review

This software is incredible. I’ve tried tonnes of other software, paid and unpaid, and nothing matches this. Get used to the layout and you’ll never look back. I am an ex-Teacher currently working as an Accountant and studying a Masters of Science in Astronomy and Astrophysics and so keep very busy. As a result I don’t normally write reviews of software and the like but do I believe in giving credit where credit is definitely due. This walks all over MS Word and even replaces it on my computer for the most part. I initially bought it from the Writer’s Store at (avoid this site like the plague) but they never sent a download link or serial number even though I bought it as an instant download. I cancelled the order through PayPal more than a week later when this site helped me realize that they weren’t them and ordered from this site and it gave an immediate download link, id and serial code and then automatically activated the software seconds after I put those details into the trial version. My Intel i5 laptop runs the program perfectly.

I am writing four books on it at the moment and plan for more in the future. Bravo Literature&Latte for a job well done! 11 out of 10 with the extra 1 for going above and beyond. Feel free to use any part of my review as you wish, you deserve it, and I just thought you deserved a favourable review - I have been writing for decades and never been more happy writing. A+

Sorry to hear you bad experience with that reseller, but happy to hear it all worked out well in the end nevertheless! And thank you kindly for taking the time to write in with your review. :slight_smile: