SCRIVENER saved my manuscript. Thanks!

Hi Keith,

I’ve been working on the Mac since 1990. Ever since then I’ve been searching, at times even: hunting, for the software that really suits my needs. During these years I’ve tried almost every word-processor and any other application for writing that is or has been on the market. I’ve spent a lot of money, memorised hundreds of shortcuts and clicked through thousands of palettes but I’ve never been satisfied completely with what I got.

Until I found SCRIVENER. In one word, it’s just: Perfect. And what’s more: it fits perfectly in between JOURNLER and NWP, my other favourites.

After playing around with SCIVENER for a couple of days, I’ve ported all my current projects into it. A short novel, several short stories and especially a novel that I got stuck with for months.

I just got lost in all the pages and pages and then I finally put it aside. Almost buried it. But now that I broke it up into separate chapters that I can work on individually, shoved the Index-cards around and around and found a new structure by doing this, I’ve found back to the idea that originally brought me to writing this book. And I’m sure that this time I’ll finish it. (Well, right after the deadlines of the aforementioned).

So, you or your application saved a book (well, make that manuscript). Could there be a greater compliment?

Hope you don’t mind that I, in my enthusiasm, put two links to Literature and Latte on my website. One to the download section and one to this wonderful forum.

I hope to participate more in this forum in the future, but for now there are: Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines to beat.

So, thank you very much for SCRIVENER and for saving my manuscript,

Thank you. :slight_smile: (And good luck!)
All the best,