Scrivener + Scapple bundle for Mac?

Dear Literature & Latte,

Is there a Scrivener + Scapple bundle that includes both at discount?

Also, is there any technical difference (permissions used, minor upgrades etc) between the software purchased from Apple Store or downloaded from you site?

Thank You

I don’t think there’s a bundle offer, but you could reach out to their sales dept if you don’t get an answer here. As for the difference between purchasing from the App Store or direct from Lit&Lat [edited – see Keith’s response below]. However, if you buy from Lit&Lat then Apple don’t get to take a 30% chunk of the sale. Also, my experience is that updates can occasionally get held up by the App Store approval process, whereas if you have a copy that was downloaded direct from here then updates are available immediately


I’m afraid there is no bundle for Scrivener and Scapple at the moment, no. (If you visit the NaNoWriMo forums you might be able to find a discount, though. ;) )

There is one major technical difference between the versions sold on our site and the versions sold on the App Store: sandboxing. Apple insists that all apps sold on the App Store are sandboxed for extra security - sandboxing just prevents apps from accessing files on your disk or the network without you granting explicit permission every time.

For Scapple, this makes no difference at all. For Scrivener, it does mean that you have to jump through a few more hoops in the App Store version. The App Store version provides an “Authorise Folder” feature which allows you to tell Scrivener which folders it is allowed to access, otherwise certain features won’t work property (certain export features, for instance, which might need to rely on external files). You should still be able to do all the same things with the App Store version, but you’ll see more alerts and prompts about accessing e.g. files you want to bookmark, and certain export features may not be available without you setting certain permissions - the app usually guides you through all of this when necessary, though.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thank you so much.

Thanks again. I just bought full licenses for Scrivener 3 and Scapple from your store. It is very reasonably priced compared to other products on the market. I’ve used a lot of writing software, but always come back to Scrivener :slight_smile:

Thank you for buying!