Scrivener "Services" in Safari are missing

Hi! I’m a complete newbie. New to Scrivener. New to Mac, so please excuse any stupid questions.

I bought my first MacBook Pro about a week ago. I’ve been hearing from friends of the wonders of Scrivener for a couple of years, so I downloaded the trial version.

I’ve successfully imported my current novel and am very pleased with the results. However, now I want to add some web pictures and info to my research file. I watched the tutorial on the site and was dismayed to see that I don’t seem to have the clipping services mentioned.

I went into Safari > Services > Preferences and clicked the boxes related to Scrivener. Nothing happened. I turned my Mac off and restarted. Nothing happened. What am I missing?

Okay…weirder still. I just clicked Safari > Services to check my information, and the links are there! But when I minimized this window and went to the window that contains the picture I want to clip, no Scrivener services appear headdesk

Again…what am I missing?

Thanks for your assistance.

First thing to note, Snow Leopard Services appear on a contextual basis. If a service does not apply to the current context then it will not appear at all. This is a departure from the old system, where every single available service was always visible, but oftentimes grayed out because it didn’t apply. Context is defined by two factors: The application providing the service understands the application that is active; the application that is active is providing content that the service application understands. The latter one can be tricky because in some cases having nothing selected is considered a valid coupling. Some applications can send whole chunks of data to other applications. However in most cases, some sort of selection needs to be made in the active application.

In this particular case, you need to have text selected for the Scrivener services to appear, the service providing application only understands text content. The main problem here, from what you are describing, is that you are trying to send images.

The best way to save images out of a web browser is to save them. :slight_smile: Right-click on the image and save it to your disk, then drag that file into Scrivener’s Binder. To reduce overhead, you might want to save a number of images before going about importing into Scrivener. You can drag twelve images at once into the Binder, so you might as well save that end of the process for when you have a bunch to move at once, but that is up to you. Unfortunately, due to the way Safari identifies dragged images, you cannot just drag straight from the web page to the Binder.

One final note: You might also just want to import whole web pages. Scrivener can do this with the File Import menu.

Thank you!

I’m off to try your suggestions. And thanks for the explanation of how the “services” work. I was starting to question my perceptions of the world :laughing:


My pleasure, and welcome to the Scrivener forums—and the Mac universe in general.