Scrivener shortcuts supersedes other programs' shortcuts?

Here’s a weird one. If I’m working in Word, but with Scrivener running, and if I hit cmd+shift+enter to create a new page in Word — then the Scrivener sketch pad appears from out of the blue, asking me to create a new directory for the sketch pad.
I can’t get this to stop happening without closing Scrivener — it seems that as soon as Scrivener is running, its shortcuts (at least this one) supersedes other program’s shortcuts.

Is this a known problem? Or one that others can reproduce too? I’m on Lion, if that makes a difference.

This isn’t a problem but a feature - the whole point of the scratch pad is that you can call it up from another program using a keyboard shortcut, which by default is shift-cmd-enter. To get rid of this behaviour, choose another (obscure) keyboard shortcut for the scratch pad via the General pane of the preferences.

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