Scrivener si Frozen after opening a character sheet

Hi everyone,

Have the last version of scrivener, and tried both iOS16 and now IOS17.

Scrivener was working just fine, but as I tried to open one character sheet that I had, Scriviner keeps loading the page and it’s stuck on it. I can’t do anything else now. I might precise that Scrivener stays open, it doesn’t crashes completely.

Also I tried restarting my iPad and resetting all the Scrivener parameters but nothing seem to work.

Anyone noticed something similar ?


Are you saying that after you restarted the whole device, Scrivener still loads this project and tries to read this section? That seems very strange, as I don’t think that should be possible. One thing you can try instead is to open the multitasking view, that shows thumbnails of all recent things you’ve used, and swipe up on Scrivener’s tile. This will force it to restart.

If on the other hand you mean it always crashes when you load that particular item, then that could be very useful to use to test with as the crash (or maybe exception is a better word, as it doesn’t fully crash out but malfunctions) sounds very procedural. Would it be possible to send this project to tech support?

Thank you for your answer,

I also tried, as you said, to swipe up scrivener in the multitask window. In both cases, Scrivener opens the project menu. When I click on the particular project it directly opens this character sheet and try to load it, in vain. So basically yes I’m stuck to this page that won’t load.

I already sent the crag log to the iOS support and wait for an answer.

Have a nice day,

Alexis Retournant

Ah, okay yes that makes a lot more sense. Scrivener would indeed try to load the last thing you looked at when you open a project, and if the last thing you looked at caused it to crash… well, it’s a bit stuck at that point. Easy to fix on a Mac, but I don’t think there is a way in iOS itself.

Do you have a way of looking at this project on a Mac or PC? If so, I could give you some instructions to try, and we could also try to get this character sheet removed so that it doesn’t happen again.