Scrivener spelling dictionary issue: 'No Guesses Found'

I’ve been struggling with an issue which is that the spelling dictionary in Scrivener struggles to guess all but the simplest typos. After Googling I’ve seen a stock response to spelling issues is that Scrivener just uses the Mac’s built-in dictionary. But that doesn’t explain why on exactly the same (misspelled) word, Scapple is able to offer the correct spelling suggestion, while Scrivener says ‘no guesses found’. Surely these should both use same dictionary. Or is there a way to point Scrivener to the right dictionary that I haven’t seen.

See attached screengrabs from Scrivener and Scapple.


Was there ever an answer to this? I’m finding the dictionary in the Windows version pretty annoying- for instance, it believes that ‘okay’ is spelled wrong. Some kind of better dictionary support would be welcome.

I had forgotten all about this. The issue resolved itself for me - can’t remember if it was when I updated my OS. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Hi @Honzo, just FYI, the dictionary system on Mac is provided by MacOS and has nothing to do with what happens on Windows. Windows Scrivener uses Hunspell and you can install alternative dictionaries from the default ones. You’ll find a number of threads on it in the forum.




Thanks! That’s very helpful.