Scrivener split screen MacOS

I’ve checked similar questions on here to mine and tried to follow the advice given, but I can’t get the result I want. I’ve split the screen vertically and want to lock one pane so it doesn’t get the edits I’m doing on the unlocked pane. There’s something I’m missing because it’s not working. As I edit one pane , both panes are edited. Any help, please :pray:


If by “Edits” you refer to navigation, – you select a document in the binder and both editors display it -, that’s in Navigate / Binder selection affects.
In this case you don’t have to lock any editor, just set it so your selection affects the editor “you wouldn’t have locked”.
(Under windows, Alt + binder selection loads the selection in the other editor (it inverts the current setting. If you are set for your selection to display in the left editor, Alt+selection will display the selection in the right editor). What’s Mac’s Alt key, this I don’t know.)
If still you really want to lock an editor, right click the document’s icon in the editor’s header, a menu will appear. → Lock in place

Else, if both editors display the same document and you really mean “edit” as in “editing the text of a document”, both will be edited as they are the same. There is nothing to do other than duplicating the document first, if you want two different versions of it.

Or take a snapshot and load that into one split and the finder document into the other, if you want to have the old and the new side-by-side.

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Thank you for your response. Now I understand. But what is the purpose of locking a pane?

Thank you! It would be useful if it were possible to keep one pane unedited, as one is, so as to compare them both. Why would one want or need to lock a pane?

That is the point of the snapshot. You can load it into one split by dragging it onto the header. With the binder document in the other, you can edit it and the snapshot will remain unchanged so you can do your comparison.

The lock in place is there if you want to have something else like a reference article that you don’t want to get moved out by accident while you are in the other split.

That said, I’ve never needed to use any of these. No screenshots because I’m on my iPhone.



To render it unaffected by project navigation.
(In your first post you actually said you wanted to lock an editor. That’s why I spoke of it. At this point it wasn’t clear whether you were talking of navigation or actual edits, since there is no Lock Editing function in Scrivener. Is all.)