Scrivener Startup on Mac failing - new issue?!

Hello, I’m unable to fully start Scrivener anymore, this worked like for the last couple of weeks/months. I am using Sonoma 14.5 on a iMac M3. Latest version of Scrivener 3.3.6

Scrivener does startup until the menu bar is shown, though a lot of the menu entries are greyed out, other menus are shown (like “New Project …”) though do not react on mouse clicks.

If I select a project from disk to startup, the text is shown, I’m able to edit the content, though the menus are still inactive.

Does anybody else know this issue?I Could this be a serial number check online? Though I’m able to connect to literature & latte forums or reddit ?!

Thanks for any hints!

Just to rule it out: Did you restart your computer recently? If not, give it a try.

Thank you for your reply. Of course did I try to create a clean environment for the tests, i‘m a software developer myself, I know our flaws and handling of dependencies all too well :slight_smile:

I‘ve further recognized that eg. Backup and lock files are still maintained while the menu of Scrivener remains unresponsive.

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Using the same OS/App combo on an M2 Max MBP, no issues starting with no project open, starting to a project after closing with one open, or straight from the project in Finder.

Sounds weird.
Any new apps installed recently?
Have you tried backing up any settings, uninstalling and reinstalling?

This reminds me of another post, which was related to where the cursor was when the project closed, combined with the ‘open last project’ setting.

Have you tried to open a different project directly from Finder - NOT by opening Scrivener? (I’m a windows user, forgive me if terminology is off.) Does it still crash?

I would second the advice to reinstall. Interface oddities seem to often arise from some manner of corruption in the install folder, somehow. This sounds too specific to be something general like a hang or stuck networking connection. You can interact with a project window, but the menus are “off” and don’t react to input.