Scrivener Stickers

I’d be pleased to have a small sticker on the outside of my notebook to help advertise Scrivener. Something about 2x3". See the attachment for a general idea but please forgive my poor graphic-editing skills that prevent me from adding curved text inside the ellipse at the top with, for example, “Your Complete Writing Studio” and your web address “” in curved text at the bottom. Stickers like this would be great advertising on writer’s notebooks in coffee shops, writers workshops or anywhere writers congregate. I’d be happy to pay a modest fee ($3.00 for three stickers?) and display it on my notebook. Draft Scrivener Sticker.png

It wouldn’t add any profits to L&L, but you could always just make your own by sending your image to a vinyl/decal/sticker maker online and have them make you some. Though I’m unsure what kind of licensing/copyright issues that buttresses against.

How do you mean, advertising would not add any profits? Isn’t that the whole purpose of advertising in general?

Yes, there would likely be indirect revenue from people who become interested enough to purchase based on the sticker and subsequent conversations with the sticker owner. What I meant is that the direct revenue from the purchase of an unofficial sticker wouldn’t go to them; it would go to the sticker-making website.