Scrivener stopped backing up on shutdown

A frightening development. Even though it ‘saves’ frequently, and I didn’t lose anything this session, it just started shutting down without backing up. Never happened before. I need to fix this. Please help.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Is Scrivener crashing, I.e. closing unexpectedly?

Or is it that when you close Scrivener, it’s not creating a zipped backup?

Which version Scrivener please?

Scrivener is not crashing thank goodness.
It’s not creating the zipped backup as far as I can tell. At least the small ‘box’ with the progress bar does not appear which indicates that.

I have Version: - 03 Oct 2018.

Silly question perhaps, but as you haven’t mentioned it, have you actually looked in the folder specified in Tools > Options > Backup > Backup Location to confirm that zipped backups are not being created? :slight_smile:

Not a silly question. Sometimes it’s the simplest solution that works. Actually I did something close to that. Went to Tools > Options > Backup > and clicked on Backup — just to remind it about doing its job properly.

Sometimes it seems like there are little goblins that like to mess with our computers.

Thanks for replying .

So it’s working? You used Windows Explorer to navigate to the backup folder and verified that the zipped backups are there?