Scrivener Template for Writing Picture Books

Is anyone out there using Scrivener to write picture books? If so you might want to try using my Picture Book Template. Comments are most welcome, thanks.

I’ve finally created a video tutorial on how to use my Picture Book Template:

Thanks for sharing.

You’re welcome Briar!

Claire, hiya :wink:
I’ve just spent an enchanting time, navigating around :
However, whenever I try to access your:
I keep getting, “An Error has Occurred”. It happens on both my iMac and PC. Not that I’ll be needing such a template any time soon, but others may.

Kidlit illustration, is one of my, ‘irons in the fire’, right now. I have to decide, which, of four illustrated versions of Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows, to send to a ten year old girl, in Ireland. I have copies of: the original, illustrated by E. H. Shepard; Usborne’s, illustrated by, Richard Johnson: Inga Moore’s version, and a copy illustrated by Ken McKie. Each of them equally enchanting and absorbing, even to a 70yr old welder, but how much more so, will they be, to a ten year old child.

Her interest in W-in-the-W, was stirred by a visit to the cottage next door to her home, that has an outhouse containing a 21ft x11ft mural on one wall, of a concocted scene within Toad Hall, that I painted a good few years ago. Her interest has caused me to revisit the world of Toad and his friends, and their adventures. It really is a fascinating and enchanting world.

Judging by the quality of your work, I doubt if you will be, ‘Aspiring’, for much longer. ‘Accomplished’, should be forthcoming.
Take care

Yes Vic-k, I have had reports that it isn’t working on various platforms but is on others. I don’t know what is going on with it, I have reported it to YouTube but they haven’t got back to me on it it yet. I’ll post again here when I know it’s fully working.

Thank you so much for your kind words about my art, it’s so encouraging and I hope you’re right :smiley:

Difficult choice you have there re Wind in the Willows, I’d be inclined to give the EH Shepherd but that would have the potential to spoil appreciation for other versions perhaps. Have you got a picture of your mural? It sounds like quite amazing, what a size!

Thanks again for your comments and message,


Thanks for the picture Vic-k, good stuff.

‘ere, wot abaht uz? ain’t we goin’ter see it?

Mr X

Old buddy,
I put 'em up, but took 'em down again. They were quite big, and it seemed like the thread had been hijacked, and really, it should be left uncluttered, for when Claire’s Youtube is up and running
I’ll sling em up, on the bottom deck if you like
Take care
Pablo Picasso

EDIT WED 2nd 8-30am
[size=150]Eh up!! Just checked, and Claire’s YouTube is working OK.[/size]

Hey Vic-k I’m perfectly happy for you to post your pictures here.

Yes, the video is back up, I still have no idea what’s going on with it as YouTube never got back to me when I queried them. Watch it while you can :smiley:

I saw 'em, made my day!

Please post again, bilges or otherwise, for the education and betterment of this lot.

I just realised that the comment I wrote the other day isn’t here (which probably means I went to bed without posting it ).

Anyway, in short, I wrote: good job Claire! I like the way you’ve incorporated plot tips into your outline.

Is there a reason why you posted it as a regular Scriv file rather than a template?

That’s because you’re a lady, kind and gracious. :wink: Thing is Claire, a goodly proportion of Scriv’s crew, qualify as miscreant Philistines, and wouldn’t recognize a Canaletto or a Rembrant if it was tattooed on the inside of the eyelids. Old Master, or 20th Century Genius, it’s all the same to them. So, to spare this thread from being inundated with rubbish posts, I’ll dump the piccies down in And Now For That latte, or the ‘bilges’ , as Nom refers to them.

Gonna watch your YouTube now.
Good luck

Thanks Nom

Yes, it’s because I’m learning as I go along :blush: . I know how to Save As Template but don’t know where they end up. And if I were to share it as a proper template would I still have to zip it up? I may not change it now as I’d have to redo my video, we’ll see.

Thanks again,

Learning as you go is the best way. Not always the most polished way (as my friends, colleagues and family members will attest) but the learning sticks better. :wink:

I’m not sure if I’ve ever saved a template, but I would have thought you could save it wherever you wanted. Having said that, installing a template ready for first use isn’t as simple as simply loading a file so I can understand the reluctance.

UPDATE: I just tested it, and when you create a template it saves it to the template folder by default. BUT you can then export from there to wherever you want. I’ve attached an example for you (with a special icon just for you - if not appropriate, I’ll remove the file forthwith).

PS I noticed that the file on your site advertised as being for A4 sized paper internally still says Letter size in the notes. I took the liberty of changing it in the attached template (this as an example of me learning as I go).
Picture Book Template by Claire O’ (141 KB)

Just checking to see if there was a template for Windows?