Scrivener templates for LaTeX export

After much trial and error, I have created a Scrivener template Academic Paper (LaTex).scrtpl (316 KB)that serves as my main starting point for my academic research papers. It includes sections for the drafting, writing, editing, and submission stages of the paper process. It can serve for journal papers or bookchapters. With only a few changes, you can easily extend it for the creation of an academic book as well.

Included are some (3.96 KB)cheatsheets for MMD codes that I use the most (how to include Figures and Tables, how to include mathematical symbols, cross-references). Simply drag and drop the cheatsheets into your Scrivener document under Research or Notes or somewhere else.

Hope you find them useful :smiley:

Old thread, I know, but I just wanted to mention that this template made me realize how powerful Scrivener can be in organizing a research project. Thanks a lot for sharing this!