Scrivener thinks it's installed in a different location

I’m getting an error message on startup:

The folder inside “My Documents” is the location I had installed previous Betas. I have now installed Beta 22 in the default location, which is where Scrivener knows that it is running, but it thinks it’s still installed in the old location. That old location has been deleted and no longer exists. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled, and am still getting the same message.

I also saw that screen (once). I opened the installed location and double-clicked on Scrivener.exe; this resolved the error (not sure why). I thought it might have been caused by something silly that I did (I have no idea what), but it might be deeper than that.

You may want to delete your shortcuts and make new ones in their place, if running Scrivener from a shortcut or the taskbar.

How are you opening Scrivener beta?

From the Start menu?

From a shortcut you placed somewhere?

Thanks for the attempts to help. I got rid of the problem by dealing with the relevant registry entries. Now there’s no problem.

Evidently the uninstall program didn’t get rid of everything. This might have been a problem with the installation itself; The last couple of betas threw a registry error message at the end of installation. May have had something to do with the fact that I was installing from within a non-admin account and installing to a non-standard location.