Scrivener to CreateSpace

Hi There, I am desperately trying to compile my manuscript from Scrivener to CreateSpace, I have followed a few youtube tutorials but seem to come un-stuck when I look down the left side of the compile window, I seem to have less options to choose from, is this because I am running a Windows version rather than Mac?, has anyone got any tips for compiling to createspace format from Windows platform Scrivener? has anyone done this?, I would willingly pay for a preset that would do this?, yours very frustrated, Chris.

What is that you are getting stuck with? As I understand it, CreateSpace requires files be submitted in PDF format. Is this the step that you are struggling with? Or is it something about the layout of the text within the PDF that has you stumped? What are the compile settings you are using? What type of project are you compiling?

The more specific you can be with your question, the more likely it is that someone can provide you with a useful answer.

I cannot see the compile options in Windows 8.1 that I see in the video (LIterature and Latte) on the mac. When I select compile, I get a popup with two drop down selections. Is there something I should do to get more options like I saw on the video?

I am hoping this is an easy fix - does anyone know???

The two options I have are

Format as: with some drop down selections and
Compile for: with some selections.

When I watched the video there were a lot of compile options. Is this a limitation of the Windows version?

There’s a big-ish blue arrow to the right side of one of the drop-downs (I think, I’m away from my Windows computer). If you click that, it’ll expand from the simplified compile options to the one that at least looks more like the tutorials you’ve seen.