Scrivener transforming images and fonts when compiling

Hello, I am working with scrivener 2 for Mac.

Lately, when I compile scrivener is destroying all the text written with calibri (appearing just symbols like $^^&^%£@@$@$%^) and half of the images became black rectangles. I had this problem before this week, but I seemed to solve it when changing the images to lower quality (what took a lot of time).

Nonetheless, this does not happen when I compile one or two chapters at a time. Is there a way of solving it? If there is a way of making the page number start from a certain number that would also work (compiling chapter 1 --pages 1 to 15-- and then chapter 2 starting the page number at 16).

Thank you for your time!

Since you mention image size and compiling in smaller chunks as mitigating the problem, I’m wondering how large these images are and what format they are in? Secondly, it isn’t clear from your post, but Calibri marked text gets turned to gibberish only when the images turn black? Or is this another problem entirely that has no dependency upon your source material—i.e. if you create a blank test project somewhere temporary and type in five words, marking three as Calibri, and compile you get normal text and not gibberish? Then, what happens if you copy and paste a little text into the test project and compile again? What happens if you use another font for the same text in the original project?

That shouldn’t pose a problem. When you use the page numbering code in the header or footer, it inserts an actual counter, not a fixed numeral, page by page. So all you have to do is copy and paste one file into another in your word processors and the pages will be numbered correctly.