Scrivener trial crashing

I’m trialing Scrivener and really liking a whole lot about it after just 3 days of use. Unfortunately, Scrivener keeps locking up and forcing a full reboot of the computer.
Basically, I’ll be typing along in a chapter (doesn’t seem to matter what chapter or section), I’ll see a slight flash in the upper left corner of the screen, and everything will stop. Can’t type, can’t close, can’t do anything. Have to fully reboot the system to get things working again. When I reopen Scrivener, I find I haven’t lost any work (thankfully)—everything up until the lock-up is present. It kind of look like it is doing an auto save, then locks up.
I have no problem with any other program I run on this system. The system is a relatively new (within the past 6 months) Alienware running whatever the latest standard version of Windows is (10?). All drivers are up to date.
This lockup is happening about every 30-60 minutes when I’m working in Scrivener and it’s frustrating as hell. Also, kind of a deal breaker if I can’t figure out how to fix it.
Would love opinions, things to try, etc…

You should try and whitelist Scrivener for ransomware in your antivirus.
Many users (including myself) had past issues with this, where the antivirus sees false positives, and denies Scrivener access to crucial files.
The result being pretty much the likes of what you just described.
Good luck.
Hopefully that’s your issue.