Scrivener trial version limited?

I’ve downloaded a trial version of Scrivener and am LOVING it so far! I imported my book and am testing out how to compile it. Having a couple problems and am not sure if it’s me or not.

Is the trial version limited when it comes to compiling? For instance, it’s not generating a table of contents except for the first two or three chapters, and even then when I click on them it goes to the wrong page.

Nope! The only limitation is time-based. You’ll get 30 days to use the software to its full capability; even use it to help publish your latest WIP.

On your question, could you share a few more details about your process? For example, what are you compiling; a PDF, an e-book? How did you create the ToC? Et cetera. There are a ton of variables here, so it is hard to say what is going wrong without a little more information. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome. Okay, I’ve been reading the Novel Format section and did go through the tutorial. I’m compiling my novel as an ebook for Kindle (I did install KindleGen).

I was under the impression that compiling creates the table of contents automatically, since it seems to be doing it for the dedication and the first couple of chapters, since they are appearing as links, although as I mentioned they do go to the wrong place. So I need to somehow create a ToC myself?

I guess I should explain my overall goal. After the cover, which I’ve also uploaded already, I want it to start with a dedication and acknowledgements page (I’ve added my own text to the dedication page under “Front Matter > Ebook”), then a prologue, all the chapters, an epilogue, and then a “note from the author” page at the back. I created a new text for that but am not sure where to put it. Something I read mentioned a “Back Matter” folder but I don’t see one.

I’m also confused because there’s no Draft folder as mentioned in some of the help files. Did I accidentally delete it or was that just in a previous version of Scrivener?

So right now I just have each chapter as a separate folder under Manuscript - I don’t have separate scenes inside my chapters. They’re all named so I can navigate between them easily but I don’t want those names showing in the compiled book.

I guess that’s enough for the moment. I’d appreciate any help you can provide. I’ve been searching the forum and reading through but am only getting more confused. :slight_smile:

The draft folder can be renamed. In the template you are using it is called ‘Manuscript’. It still has the same special status – you can’t put non-text documents in it, and its the folder that Compile works from.