Scrivener, two monitors, Lion.

Ok so one of my biggest complaints about Lion when it first came out was that when you take an app full screen with Lion’s new feature it would eat up the secondary monitor with a dark fibrous background. SO there was no way of having two apps open and visible at the same time in full screen mode.

Fast forward to today. I look to see if the internet has found some work around or if some devs have altered their application so that taking an app fullscreen would not eat up two monitors. And what’dya know? Tech Crunch had an article about this very thing and displayed Omni Outliner doing it!

So dear souls. Dear wonderful hard working people who bring us time-saved and save life minutes in software form. Can we have this too? Please?!

I don’t think that’s the right link - that one is about Chrome running on Lion…

You’re right KB. I’m sorry. … os-x-lion/


Actually that article only says that you can drag panels and data from the full screen app onto the secondary screen - there’s no indication that you can place other applications on the secondary screen, and the comments seem to indicate that isn’t possible. Have you tried this yourself with OmniGraffle compared to Scrivener? You can download a free trial of OmniGraffle so it might be worth testing it out to see if there really is a difference (I don’t have a two-screen display set up right now to test).

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Oh damn. You’re right. I suppose I should have read that more closely. I think the excitement I felt from the title blinded me from reading with a keener eye what it really meant.

Fail for me and for Apple. :frowning:

Hopefully they’ll change it. There have been a lot of developers complaining about this over on the Apple developer forums, and filing bug reports.

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