Scrivener usage scenario: Manage your own musics

Today I found an excellent new usage scenario for me. I manage with it all my own musics. I don’t mean my mp3 collection (well, I use Spotify anyway and I don’t have many mp3’s), but I mean songs that I have made myself.

I made a couple of folders in Scrivener. “Lyrics for songs what already have a song”, “Lyrics for becoming songs” and “Songs without any lyrics yet”. I wrote them in my native language but anyway that kind of folders.

So now I have a folders where I can easily see songs that do not have lyrics written yet, but for what I have a music already. Also I have some lyrics waiting that when I get an idea, I will write a song and also I can easily see all the songs I have written and where I have already written lyrics.

In Research I just imported all of my songs what I have composed (under 30 or under 40 or something). Then I made a Scrivener link from lyrics to MP3 and also made templates for songs which does not have yet any lyrics and wrote only "Song: " and made a Scrivener link from lyrics template to MP3.

Actually this seems to work quite fast. At least finally I have found a way to manage my lyrics easily. Thanks to Scrivener and Literature and Latte for great app! :slight_smile:

Screenshot should give you an idea.

Out of curiosity, does your username refer to the Nightwish song?

Yeah, it does. Oceanborn is a great album :slight_smile: