Scrivener vs. personal wiki/notetaker

Hi There
I am considering using Scrivener , but I am still unsure. I would like to know what difference ( or added value, if any) would Scrivener introduce vs. a personal wiki/note taker application such as Zim or wikidpad, to name a few.
It would greatly help if this is explained as I am not a Scrivener user.
Thank you for your support

Why not read the extensive introductury material on this website:

and then download the free trial version. It will give you 30 full days of use, more than enough opportunity to see if it fits your needs. Once installed, be sure to work through the Tutorial project that will open when you first start Scrivener.

Be advised, IMHO, Scrivener is the very best documented software on the market, and has the most generous opportunity for evaluation before committing to buy.

There is a more fundamental question: what are you wanting to achieve with the software? If you are wanting to create entries for a blog or something of a wiki type, then obviously wiki software would achieve it more easily. If you are planning a novel, non-fiction book, thesis, series of short stories … then Scrivener would probably win hands down.

But Graybyrd is right. Download Scrivener and give it an extended try (30 days means 30 days on which you start the program, not one calendar month!) and whatever other software you want to try, and then see which fits your intentions best.