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Update: As of 2012-05-15, the wiki has been dismantled and its contents are being converted over to a knowledge base format, which can be found here:

Thanks to everyone who contributed! —Ioa Petraka

Original post follows:

This has been suggested on a couple of occasions, but I have just installed a wiki on the website for Scrivener support:

It’s just a stub at the moment; I won’t have much time to add any decent content for a while. But there are a lot of knowledgeable users here who contribute a lot of useful replies, so if anybody feels that there is something you would like to contribute, feel free to edit away. Over time, I hope to copy over some of the replies to more frequently asked questions and so forth. I have no idea if it will be of any use or something that people will use, but seeing as it has been suggested I thought I’d give it a go. If it attracts no content, then I can just abandon it without any great loss.

All the best,

This would be a good place for a list of books written in Scrivener. I am too modest to start it myself. :slight_smile:

Posted the Finder shortcuts for 1.11 (retail) for easy access.

:slight_smile: … _Shortcuts

Good thinking, Wock. I was about to suggest just that. Great!


I think my next wiki project will be on LAYOUTS…

I submitted one entry !! (first ?)

Great, thank you!

I think now we may need to work on a Table of contents on the main page for easy access to the new content that is appearing.

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The “Scrivener FAQ” link on the wiki is returning some manner of wiki-babel. Perhaps it has been hacked.

Absolutely right. Looks like a part of the site got spam-robot attacked. Perhaps only capcha authenticated accounts should have edit rights. I’ve already reverted the damaged files back to valid data.

Captcha or moderator approval. The rate of change on the wiki is tortoisinal, so moderation might not be burdensome.

What’s captcha approval? Tell me what I need to do to avoid this in future and I shall do it! Thanks AmberV for sorting it out.
All the best,

Captchas are those semi annoying hard to read gifs that you have to manage to enter correctly to post.

Depending on what wiki you are using you probably need to just add a module and enable it.

What is Captcha?

Here Keith this may help you add Captcha to the Scrivener Wiki.

Thanks, Wock. I see it got spammed again today - I hate these guys. I’ve just added the Captcha you pointed out; hopefully that will help things.

All the best,

Would it be a good idea to start a page for features planned for 2.0? Maybe another for feature requests and Keith’s answers (with links to the relevant forum posts)?