Scrivener will not open - use it for my dissertation writing


I have been using Scrivener to write my dissertation, and today it crashes before it can load. I am using version 2.7 and have not had this problem until today. Tried rebooting and used Time Machine to roll back to last night (when was still working), but that has not helped. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Thank you,

What did you roll back with Time Machine, the entire system, one project file, the Scrivener software itself? And what when you attempt to run the software today, what are the symptoms you see, crashing? Have you tried launching the software with the Shift key held down to keep it from automatically loading any projects?

Hi Amber,

Thanks for writing : ) Well, I tried holding the shift key down (I had not tried that previously), and the program loads as long as no project has loaded. So I tried opening one of their pre-loaded templates, and it behaved the same way (the program quits, saying “Scrivener quit unexpectedly…” I tried again with 2 other projects, and it behaves the same way.

In regards to Time Machine, I remember answering “no” to every question, and believe that that cancelled it from making any changes.

I also tried opening the projects on my MacAir, and it behaves the same way unfortunately.

Also, the dissertation is in Dropbox, whereas the others are not. That, and the fact I cannot get Scrivener to run on my laptop suggests to me that perhaps the problem is not local (?)


Okay, so the software is only crashing when it attempts to load a project, has anything changed on the system recently other than upgrading Scrivener to 2.7? Even installing other software could be a factor—and since two computers are doing this, it’s likely something you recently changed on both of them.

You can check for third-party problems by rebooting the Mac with the Shift key held down after the startup chime (you can let go once the Apple progress bar comes up). If Scrivener runs fine with just itself and Finder running, then the problem must be some other tool you are running.

Also if you could attach or PM a crash log to me that would be great.