Scrivener window size changes innappropriately

Hi Lee,

I posted a question about opening/closing metadata and its effect on window size. You said:

“Sorry Larry, I’m not clear what you are asking here or what you are trying to describe? Please can you create a new post and provide additional details or your screen resolution and machine type, a screen shot or two would be nice. Thanks.”

I read my ‘try this explanation’ and it seemed clear enough but I guess not. Screen shots won’t do much good if that explanation doesn’t work as descriptions of what happens is a simple condition change, back and forth, with respect to window size as you open/close the Metadata bar. But, let’s try again and start with:

If any program is running in a window that is less than full screen (you can see the desktop on all sides of it, the program should not change the size of that window while operating.

If you agree with that statement, there is a problem with Scrivener. Description of the problem is simple. If one is operating in a window that is smaller in height than the monitor (HP laptop, widescreen 1366x768, Windows 7) and the Metadata bar on the right side of the display is closed, everything is dandy. You can resize that window to your hearts content.

BUT, if you open the Metadata bar, the bottom of the window is extended to the bottom of the screen, even below the Windows status bar AND you can no longer adjust the size of the window in the vertical but you can still adjust its size in the horizontal. In short, it seems as though the Metadata bar height is fixed rather than flexible as the editor and binder space are.

If you remove the Metadata bar the Scrivener window remains extended to the bottom of the screen BUT you can now adjust the size of the window again.

That just doesn’t seem right to me, or necessary.

Cheers — Larry

I think things are a bit clearer with a screen shot. I’m using Linux and this problem occurred in 1.6 as well as 1.7 and I thought it was a know bug? Maybe not. If you turn the inspector on then Scrivener resizes automatically to fit the high of the screen when running the windows version in wine. However, when using the native Linux Scrivener, it resizes beyond the bottom of the screen and you loose access to the buttons at the bottom of Scrivener (doc notes, keywords etc).

Below is a screen shot with inspector off.

Below is a screen shot with the inspector on. You can see that it has resized beyond the bottom of the screen.

The task bar at the bottom of the screen can be moved to the top in Linux. Doing so doesn’t help. It still resizes beyond the screen size.

Hope this helps. Karl.

one thing you might be able to do as a quick fix is to right click on the window border somewhere, and have it always on top.(Keep above others, whatever your desktop manager calls it) Then you can push it off the desktop slightly once it’s on top, so you can resize to whatever will fit. (At least with KDE and Enlightenment. Haven’t used Gnome in years.)

Yes, exactly, and this is driving me nuts on a widescreen windows laptop as well (1280x800 here).

There probably does need to be a minimum size on each panel of the Metadata column, but it needs to be shorter overall, would say at least to fit x768 screens, and possibly a second limit for x600 screens as they are probably still in use.

Looking at this, I would say the Document/Project notes scrollable is the main candidate to take a hit on minimum height. You could probably take a line or two out of minimum height of the card excerpt as well.

Doing both may be desirable, as it’s nice to be able to pull a window down to substantially smaller than the screen and still use it. Click around on other applications for copy-paste, etc…

Imagine it’s clear now, Lee – it’s actually great when you ask back like that. :wink:.


Lee, you actually have a beautiful solution for this — in hand!

I was just using Scrivener instead of nitting it, with the F11 full-screen.

Hitting the button brought up the inspector/metadata panel – on its own, and at a smaller height than the version that locks minimum size on the standard Scrivener window.

Then, I tried sizing this Inspector panel: the notes and card-outtake subpanels scaled proportionally and beautifully.

I think all you have to do is use this shrink-enabled Inspector/meta framework in the main window also, coupled to the main window sizing. We will be very happy with this, feel confident.

Always things to appreciate.


Well, a very small-fix nit – when you raise the Inspector in full screen mode (and possibly moving it has to do with, but doubt it), then go out of full screen, the own-window Inspector remains.

It’s not coupled to the main screen binder fragment selection, or I might suggest a workaround for screen sizing at present…for now, we just need to close it.