Scrivener Windows Composition Mode with Background Image: Changing Opacity fades the image instead of the paper


On my scrivener for windows I tried to do the same like on the Mac, changing the background image of the composition mode and then fade the paper a little bit.
So I added a background image.
Used the fade slider in composition mode.
Unfortunately it fades the background image and I start to see my desktop ?!?
Instead it should fade the paper. The text under the slider is “Papier verblassen”, which is German for changing the opacity of the paper…

Is this a bug, or should I change something in the configuration?


which version. I am on windows 3.12 due to issues with PWA in 3.13 update, but added paper background and see when fade paper. What is size of background file, are use using a small repeating tile.

Windows 11 21H2.
The size of the File is 600KB, it is a big image, can only see a part of it, no repeating…

sorry meant scriverner version.

I do not know Im out of office right now… but I just updated, and the problem still exists. I think I updates to 3.14, is that possible?


I mean I just updated*

Looked at options check to make sure you did not check this button which would override the background (tested it and did).

cool thx. that fixed the problem, I just added my image in option appearance and not in project settings.

thx for the solition.

kind regards