Scrivener Windows Trial - all progress erased?

After recently enjoying the versatility of the scrivener trial I was just on the verge of continuing my writing, however when I clicked one of my articles all of the content was gone, subsequent clicks revealed all other articles to have suffered the same fate, however I had 1 article remaining with content still intact but upon clicking it, it also proceeded to disappear. I’m quite certain that I haven’t used it for 20 consecutive days. I leave scrivener open 24/7 and work on it when convenient and have had it for less than 2 weeks. All of my article sections still appear in the binder column, only the content is missing. I attempted to close and restart scrivener but to no avail. Please let me know what I can do to recover my content!

*Update - After coming across some suggestions from similar scenarios from other related sites I decided to simply check all existing folders and oddly after loading them they wouldn’t load the content, however after attempting it through the search program bar it worked and I have all my content back. Doing some research it looks like Scrivener losing stuff is relatively common yet the content is never lost but only misplaced in your saved folder where it always is. Hopefully I diagnosed this problem in the correct manner, please let me know if this is as common of an occurrence as is seemed.

I’ve done some really strange things with Scrivener (like using it under WINE, which isn’t technically supported and comes with its own issues), but I’ve never personally had an issue. That having been said, it’s always a good idea to manually back things up at the end of the writing day. You can manually back it up by doing File > Backup To… And then picking the folder, file name, and whether you want it zipped. It’ll automatically append the date to it, so you know when the backup was run.

It sounds like one of the search indexes got corrupted. I’m not sure how to fix it in the Windows version. I’ve experienced this once or twice on the Mac side, and it might have had something to do with keeping my project in a Dropbox folder and opening the project on another computer… but I can’t recall the details.