Scrivener with 10.8 Mountain Lion

I did a quick search but couldn’t find any information relating to Scrivener compatibility with the upcoming release of 10.8 Mountain Lion. Presumably this has been tested, so I just wanted to ask if Scrivener is ready or if we’ll need to wait a while before upgrading.

This is a good opportunity to remind others we should all look at our other applications as well before considering an OS upgrade. Lion for example broke Episode Pro 5.3.2, which cost me the best part of $1000 not long before… I use it rarely these days but have a spare drive with Episode Pro loaded onto Snow Leopard purely for this reason.

from the last newsletter that was sent out…

so i assume its been tested… but a later release will take advantage of any additional ‘features’

lion was a big code change and may well have broken stuff… not sure mountain lion is such a big code change regarding how things work?

Scrivener works fine on 10.8, but it needs updating to be recognised by GateKeeper. Currently GateKeeper will report Scrivener as not trusted. It’s all in place, and now that Apple have released the golden master to developers, that update will be out in the next few days, before Mountain Lion is released.

Thanks naquada, I must have missed the last newsletter. It might be worthwhile for the developers to post something on the home page as well though for potential new customers. Most developers seem to be saying that the jump to 10.8 will be less problematic than Lion, so that is a good sign.

I am starting to feel as though there is a pattern emerging with OS X where they release an upgrade that appears revolutionary but often has problems until they come out with the next version that basically patches it all. For example I always found Tiger very solid but Leopard never worked that well for me. Snow Leopard seemed solid but I had quite a few problems with Lion, so I am hoping 10.8 will be a solid upgrade.

EDIT: Good to hear Keith that Scrivener all works fine on 10.8. I’m writing a book at the moment, so the last thing I need is an OS upgrade that breaks Scrivener.

to be honest i’ve have very few issues with lion… I don’t use rosetta stuff so that isn’t a problem, and generally its been a pretty smooth trip for me… I like most of the features of lion (at least the ones i like i use… the ones i don’t like… i don’t use!)…

I tend to work on the ‘no news is good news’… unless i hear there’s an issue… i don’t worry to much about it…

hopefully I’m getting a macbook air 11 to sit alongside the other machines… so that will include the macstore upgrade to ML, which of course will then work on all machines I have… as long as scrivener and photoshop work… i’m a happy bunny… :slight_smile:

Lion is working fine for me as well at this point but at the start I remember quite a few glitches not least that Photoshop CS4 was unusable on my Mac Pro and I ended up having to buy CS5.

On the face of it I’m not seeing much to grab my attention in 10.8 but if it runs a bit faster I’ll more than likely upgrade. I’ve heard it has better memory management, which should be good for my old 2007 iMac with just 4 gigs of Ram.

BTW I was promised a free upgrade to Lion when I purchased my Mac Pro but it never materialised and I had to pay like everybody else!!

Just as a quick bit of feedback to anybody who may be interested; Scrivener is working fine with Mountain Lion judging by my last two days of work.

Mountain Lion on the whole feels like a very solid update and I have no hesitation in saying this is the best version of OS X I’ve ever used. I had some concerns at first about all the notifications etc but everything is done in a very subtle way and you have complete control. 10.8 is fast, stable and smooth with seemingly few glitches for any software that worked OK under Lion. None of my existing software has been broken but much works rather better.

Being new on ML as well, I just encountered a minor error I haven’t seen before: I sometimes import e-mails into Scrivener by dragging them from Apple Mail into the binder. There always was a note that this has to be converted, but then worked.

Under ML however, it does NOT import the e-mail any longer but only gives me an error message (see attachment). It seems as if Scrivener interprets the e-mail as a web archive or URL.

Any ideas on this?

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Bildschirmfoto 2012-07-29 um 16.46.15.png

It has never been possible to drag emails from Mail into Scrivener, so I’m not sure how this could ever have worked before. This error has always occurred, in 10.6 and 10.7 too, when trying to do this. Mail uses a private URL format for drag and drop within Mail that cannot be ready by Scrivener.

You should select all of the text in a mail and drag that across instead.

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Well, it worked under Lion on my Mac Pro (which I don’t have with me at the moment :wink:… Here’s a screenshot of my project where I just dropped Mails directly from Apple Mail into the binder. There WAS a message about Scrivener not being able to import directly, but it could convert it for me. The messages however were perfectly readable, looked still like the originals and featured the mail icon. Without the Mac Pro, I can’t give you the details, that’ll take until Tuesday.

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I’m not sure how you did that. :slight_smile: I have everything from 10.4 and up on hand for testing, and I just tested it on 10.7.4 and I see exactly the same error there as you posted above.

Yeah, I’m special, you know… :mrgreen:

On Tuesday I’ll send you a screenshot from my Mac Pro while importing e-mails.

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P.S.: You realise that Scrivener can be used for detailed travel planning? Ideas, hotels, bookings, travel plan, to do list, pack list, maps, documents etc. Great! :wink:

Riiiiiight, now I know! You were right of course! I didn’t drag it from mail into Scrivener but to the Finder first and from there into Scrivener. It then gave me the message below.

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A-ha - that makes sense. Finder, being an Apple program, understand’s Mail’s private drag type (us lowly developers have been asking Apple for a public Mail drag type so that we can import mails for years…). So does this now work on 10.8?

It does indeed! I’m here with my MacBook under a freshly installed 10.8 and just created the screenshot above. So that’s fine for me since I drag all those booking mails onto my Dropbox folder anyway to have them ready during my trip. But for a better overview I want them to be in Scrivener as well…

However, people who try to use Scrivener as a complete replacement for DevonThink or something, will be disappointed. They could really use direct drag&drop from Mail I guess…

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Scrivener definitely isn’t intended as a replacement to DevonTHINK. :slight_smile: We have a lot of shared customers, I believe.

Anyway, glad you got it working!

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